Rallies, Protests and Prayer in DC Sunday

D.C.-area residents took part in rallies and gatherings following the recent police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota as well as the killings of five police officers in Dallas.

A Black Lives Matter rally was held in the Stadium-Armory Metro Station parking lot Sunday afternoon.

"Make them be held accountable - period," demonstrator Beverly Simmons said.

At the same time, a rally for peace and justice was held at Freedom Plaza near the White House. The rally, which was organized by local churches, included some speakers that were religious leaders as well as some members of the law enforcement community.

"We gather here today for the express purpose of standing up to make a commitment and a covenant," said one speaker at the rally.

Attendees were asked to "take a stand against injustice" by committing to do seven things, including becoming more informed about community issues and expressing "support and appreciation for the sacrifices that most law enforcement officers make on my behalf."

Later in the evening, The National Black United Front hosted Beyond the HashTag - A Call to Action and Prayer Vigil for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the African-American Civil War Memorial and Museum.

"When we say black lives matter, we don't mean black lives matter only. We don't mean black lives matter exclusively. We mean black lives matter equally, and that's what we deserve!," one demonstrator said to the crowd.

The organization was joined by 15 other African-American national and local organizations and businesses. The rally focused on taking action to seek justice and “break[ing] down the barriers of hatred, racism, and prejudice that influence these crimes against humanity,” according to the event’s page.

At the Smith Public Trust restaurant in Brookland, there was a discussion on issues facing the black community -- specifically, black males.

"We're over hash-tagging, we're over marching. We've done that enough," said organizer Lauryn Scott.

D.C. District 5 Commissioner Kathy Henderson led a D.C. police safety walk with officers at 5 p.m. in Northeast. The walk focused on “standing together for peace, safety, justice and a community that embodies the best that we have to offer,” Henderson said in a press release.

Countless other protests and demonstrations took place this weekend around the country.

Saturday evening, dozens of protesters were arrested in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, including prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson.

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