Puppy Rescue: “No Matter How Long It Takes”

A Silver Spring puppy is home safe after being stuck in a drain pipe for seven hours.

About 6 p.m. Saturday, Blue the Pomeranian accidentally fell into a six-inch PVC pipe while he was running around near Montgomery Blair High School. His owner, Ana Marie Garland, ran to a nearby fire station, where the firefighters were having a cookout but quickly went to Blue’s aid.

“They said ‘Ma’am, we’re going to get him out of there no matter how long it takes,’” Garland recalls.

Over the next seven hours, firefighters worked around the clock to get the nine-week-old puppy out. They pumped in oxygen and fed Blue steak during the ordeal.

“[At this point] I’m just praying,” Garland said. “And I just said, He’s going to make it. He’s a survivor.”

At 1:30 a.m., Blue was finally free. Aside from suffering head and chest pains, the puppy was unharmed. Garland said she’s blown away by how many people helped save her dog.

“I never witnessed so many people that cared and loved the animal the same way I loved him,” she said. “I just think that they’re amazing people.”

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