Puppy Heist: 6 Puppies Stolen From DC-Area Pet Store

Six puppies were stolen from a Virginia pet store Sunday evening as the owners answer questions about the dogs.

Shania Sample and Roger Kummer, owners of the pet adoption service, returned Sunday evening to DC Pup after a movie and dinner on New Year’s Day. They said they discovered six puppies had been stolen through a back window in the time they were gone.

"We pour so much love into these puppies, and someone just comes takes them,” Sample said.

The puppies are between 9 weeks and 12 weeks old, and worth more than $5,800. The owners said they are not concerned about the money. They are worried about the puppies.

"What scares me the most is what are they eating? Where are they sleeping?" Sample said.

Manassas police are investigating and don’t have any information about the thieves.

Kummer and Sample bought the name DC Pup from a business in Fairfax, Virginia, and opened in Manassas, Virginia, in November. The Fairfax business had received some bad reviews on Yelp! and the couple are distancing their business from that reputation.

“There are no puppy mills. I can't emphasize that enough,” Kummer said. “When somebody adopts a puppy from us they get what's called a chain of ownership and that shows who the breeder is and, obviously, adopting the puppy from us, now the new owners. That's not something I would do. There are no puppy mills here.”

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