Proposal for Development Near “Exorcist” Steps Stirs Debate in Georgetown

A proposed high-end development near the steps made famous in the movie “The Exorcist” stirred development in Georgetown.

As cars stream over the Key Bridge and Whitehurst Freeway, an Exxon gas station and minimart welcomes them to Georgetown, but a developer is ready to present new plans to build luxury condos on the site.

"This is going to be a very large building and a focal point," Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Bill Starrels said.

The plans call for a five-story building with up to 28 condos. Some neighbors are worried it would partially block their views of the Potomac and that the design is just too modern.

"We want to have a building that looks like it belongs in this spot," Starrels said.

"If you come across the Whitehurst Freeway, this is like a hodgepodge of buildings here,” commuter Tom Manatos said. “There's no one theme to Georgetown, so I don't understand how that would, how that would matter."

Manatos says anything's an improvement over a gas station and minimart.

The condo project would take shape just steps away from the iconic “Exorcist” steps.

"The aesthetic of the building should match the other historic fabric of this area of Georgetown," Starrels said.

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