Probationary Prince George's Police Officer Arrested After Confrontation With Gun

A probationary Prince George’s County, Maryland, police officer has been suspended after being arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon involving a handgun.

Zaid Abed was off duty at the time of his arrest on Nov. 19 after he allegedly pulling a gun on two men during an altercation involving a woman outside an apartment building in the 1700 block of Minnesota Avenue Southeast. Court documents said the woman called Abed after getting into verbal argument with the men.

Police said Abed pointed the weapon at the men and the woman. During the confrontation, Abed mistakenly dropped his gun before leaving the scene.

When he realized he didn’t have the gun, he returned to the apartment complex and was arrested by D.C. police.

The Prince George’s County Police Department said Abed was assigned to the Bureau of Patrol and had been employed for 11 months. After graduating from the academy, officers are placed in a probationary status for their first year.

Abed has been suspended from the force. An internal affairs investigation is underway.

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