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Prince George's Council Appoints District Heights Mayor to Vacant Seat

Jonathan Medlock, the mayor of District Heights, Maryland, will fill the county's vacant District 6 council seat

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A new interim member has been selected for a vacant seat on the Prince George's County Council after the previous council member stepped down, triggering an appointment process just months before an already competitive election in Maryland.

The Prince George's County Council voted 10 to 0 on Tuesday for District Heights Mayor Jonathan Medlock to fill the vacant District 6 council seat.

"I am overjoyed that the council unanimously chose me to fill this vacancy in District 6," Medlock said.

Medlock was one of nine people who had applied for the interim seat, which will be filled permanently after the general election. Medlock is not a candidate in the race.

"I think the council made a very, very wise choice in appointing someone who was not a candidate who was vying for the seat for the council member," Medlock said.

There are five women actively campaigning for the District 6 primary in July.

Embattled former Council member Derrick L. Davis resigned last month as constituent complaints about his votes and positions were growing.

Some sources with direct knowledge of the process say Davis petitioned some council members to appoint his candidate of choice, Nakia Wright — an accusation Wright addressed to the council during her speech applying for the seat.

"I must admit, due to the controversy, the leader in me did not immediately rise up," Wright said. "My mind first went to the fire of misrepresentations I would have to walk through."

Three council members released statements saying they would not appoint an active candidate because it could unfairly affect the upcoming election. 

After Tuesday's unanimous vote for a non-candidate, Davis posted the word "Fumble" on his Facebook page. When asked if this was in response who the council's District 6 vote, he did not confirm or deny it, but said he would comment after the swearing-in.

Medlock will have to resign a few positions, including as the mayor of District Heights, before taking his seat in District 6. The council is preparing to swear him in on Monday.

Medlock will serve seven months on the council before the winner of the election fills the seat. Medlock says he plans on focusing on violent crime reduction and would also like to see a tax break for seniors.

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