Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker Promises to Veto Revised Budget

As Prince George's County residents brace for a property tax hike, there's word the increase could be bigger than expected.

County Executive Rushern Baker claims when the County Council made drastic changes to his proposed 2016 budget, it broke the law.

“I have no other choice but to veto the budget,” he said.

Baker introduced a budget calling for a 15.6 percent property tax increase with the additional revenue earmarked for education. The council revised the number down to 4 percent with no new money going to schools. Now the county executive is requesting an 11.45 percent property tax increase, saying anything less is a violation of the county’s charter.

Andree Green, the attorney for the entire county, stood with Baker Monday, saying the council is in violation and must increase property taxes to avoid a legal battle or the council will not be in compliance with the charter and will be an invalid budget.

In the balance are voters who are waiting to hear just how much higher their property taxes are going to go. They already have some of the highest in the region.

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