Pregnant Woman Says Metro Worker Refused to Let Her Use Station Bathroom

What to Know

  • A Metro station manager refused to let a woman five-months pregnant use the restroom, the woman told News4.
  • The first-time mother-to-be said she had an accident in the station.
  • The next time she saw the station manager, he said News4 had contacted Metro. He let her into the restroom right away, the woman said.

A Maryland woman who is five-months pregnant desperately needed to use a bathroom before she got on a Metro train-- but she says an employee told her no and she then had an accident.

"He said that I had abused my bathroom privileges and that I wasn't allowed to use it -- that I was using it as an excuse," Rachel Eisinger-Baskin said.

Eisinger-Baskin, a first-time mother-to-be who is expecting a little girl, said she was inside the Shady Grove Metro station in Derwood, Maryland, last week when she asked a station manager to open the employee restroom for her. She had used it a few times before because the customer restroom was closed.

The station manager refused, she said.

"I was shocked. All he has to do is go and open one door for me. I even asked 'Can I use the key?' He said no," she said.

Then, the situation got worse.

"Unfortunately, I ended up having an accident, and then I got so upset, and I was embarrassed that I got sick on myself, and I had to go home," Eisinger-Baskin said.

Metro employees are supposed to allow customers access to station restrooms whenever they can, spokesman Dan Stessel said. Metro declined an interview and said the issue had been handled.

Eisinger-Baskin, who works for the federal government, said she filed a complaint with Metro and was told the matter was being investigated.

Then, she reached out to News4's Adam Tuss.

"I was so appalled and so frustrated," she said. "That's when I contacted you and said please help."

After News4 contacted Metro, Eisinger-Baskin said she visited the Shady Grove station again and spoke with the same station manager who initially told her no. 

Their interaction was different this time. 

"He immediately jumped up. He went, unlocked the bathroom and said, 'Yup, News4 already called us,'" the expectant mom said.

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