Posters at Dulles, BWI Warn Travelers About MERS

Posters have gone up at local airports to warn travelers about the dangers of MERS.

The first known U.S. case was reported earlier this month in Indiana; a second case was recently reported in Florida, and there's a new concern that two hospital workers who were treating that Florida patient may also have contracted MERS.

Doctors are testing them for the disease. One of those workers is in a special isolation room at the hospital; the other has been sent home.

The Centers for Disease Control is urging you to be particularly careful about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, if you're traveling overseas.

The virus originated in the Middle East. At Dulles, BWI and and 20 other airports across the country, posters have gone up to advise travelers to take precautions.

The posters say:

Going to the Arabian Peninsula? A new disease called MERS has been identified in some counties. The risk to most travelers is low, but you should take these steps to prevent the spread of germs:

-- Wash your hands often.
-- Avoid touching your face.
-- Avoid close contact with sick people.

Doctors say the illness could begin with flu-like symptoms and make you extremely sick. Symptoms of MERS include fever, sore throat, a cough and shortness of breath.

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