Police Say Put Away Packages Until Trash Day

Burglaries in Washington are up 14 percent in December compared to a year ago. And D.C. police are urging residents to be careful as they put away their Christmas packages.

Assistant Police Chief Alfred Durham says Santa Claus isn't the only stranger who wants to slip into your house this season.

"Historically burglaries are going to go up this time of year," he says. "Folks know that folks are going out spending money to buy gifts."

And Durham says those big boxes are like red flags for burglars.

"So why not keep those packages or the packaging inside the home until trash collection day? That way folks who are doing these casing neighborhoods will not see that, 'Hey, here's a good target -- they have a brand new 42-inch flat screen TV,'" he says.

Durham also advises residents to keep their doors locked and their alarms on.

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