Police Promote Pedestrian Safety in Arlington

Arlington County Police are cracking down on drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians in an effort to keep everyone safe.

On Tuesday, officers will ticket motorists who violate traffic laws or do not yield for pedestrians in crosswalks.

But the penalties are not one-sided. Pedestrians will also be cited for jaywalking.

Law enforcement officials will patrol the following intersections:

  • Lee Highway at N. Lynn Street
  • N. Courthouse Road at N. 15th Street
  • Columbia Pike at S. Dinwiddie Street
  • Columbia Pike at S. Scott Street

According to a press release from Arlington County Police, 25 percent of traffic fatalities in the Washington area involve pedestrians and bicyclists. Those fatalities account for nearly 90 deaths per year.

Tuesday's enforcement is a part of the 2015 Spring Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Awareness Program. The education and enforcement campaign hopes to change those staggering statistics by emphasizing the importance of safely sharing the road.

In an effort to better inform the public about the rules of the road, Public Service Aides will also hand out safety information to drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists who commute through the busy intersections. The campaign will run through April 19.

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