Alexandria Police Officer Gives His Own Shoes, Dinner to Homeless Man

A police officer in Alexandria who was responding to a suspicious activity call ended up giving his own shoes and dinner to a hungry homeless man, City of Alexandria Police say.

Officers from the Alexandria Police Department responded about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to a call about suspicious activity in the 1000 block of Colonial Avenue.

The call was placed after a pedestrian had noticed an array of bike parts in the area. Upon arriving, officers determined the bike parts actually belonged to the broken bicycle of a man who was homeless and hungry.

After speaking with the man, one officer walked to his car and returned with sneakers and the turkey sandwich he had packed for dinner, police spokeswoman Crystal Nosal told NBC Washington.

The shoes just happened to fit the man perfectly, Nosal said.

When the deputy chief of the Alexandria Police Department heard about the officer's actions, he commended him and posted the story on social media.

"A true story of kindness and compassion that occurred in your community," the police department's Facebook post read.

A representative from the police department said officers respond to every call they receive, adding the suspicion is for citizens to determine, but the response is left to the discretion of the officers.

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