Police: Kayaker Shot on Open Water May Have Shot Self

Police believe a kayaker who reported being shot on open water in April may have shot himself, a search warrant revealed.

And when police went to the kayaker's home last Thursday as part of their investigation into the April incident, they discovered the kayaker was suffering from another, apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Back in April, David Seafolk-Kopp, 56, of Reston, Va., told investigators that while kayaking on Bodkin Creek, he saw a laser-like red dot on his abdomen and suddenly felt an excruciating amount of pain. He didn't make it back to shore until the next morning, telling authorities he feared overturning or drowning.

The bullet entered just below the sternum, hit his ribs and lodged in his back.

Police say during the course of their investigation, they noticed a number of inconsistencies in his story.

According to an affidavit, the medic who responded to the scene found it odd that Seafolk-Kopp exhibited no signs of hypothermia despite being on the water all night long. She also recalled that Seafolk-Kopp "acted like it was a totally normal experience."

Police say the angle of the gunshot wound was also consistent with Seafolk-Kopp being left-handed.

Ballistics tests indicated the bullet was from a .357 or a 9 mm and most likely fired from a Smith and Wesson revolver/pistol.

Seafolk-Kopp has 31 registered handguns in his name, including several weapons "chambered for .357 or a 9mm," the search warrant says.

Seafolk-Kopp also tested positive for gun powder residue despite his claim that he had not fired a weapon in months.

Several guns, holsters and boxes of ammunition were seized from Seafolk-Kopp's Reston home earlier this month, the search warrant says.

No charges have been filed against Seafolk-Kopp at this time. Investigators say Seafolk-Kopp has not cooperated with their investigation since April.

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