Hotel Surveillance Video Shows Kahlil Tatum With Girl Believed to Be Relisha Rudd

Surveillance video taken in a D.C. hotel last month shows a young girl believed to be a missing 8-year-old -- and it shows the man police say is accompanying her.

News4 obtained the video that shows a young girl walking down the hotel hallway with a man. Police believe the girl is Relisha Rudd, who has been sought since a March 20 Amber Alert was issued. 

And, they believe, the man walking with her is 51-year-old Kahlil Tatum, whom police believe is still with Relisha.

Police say Relisha was last seen Feb. 26 at the D.C. Shelter for Families on the grounds of the old D.C. General Hospital in Southeast where she and her mother lived. Kahlil Tatum worked as a janitor at the shelter.

The surveillance video was taken at a D.C. hotel just after 7 p.m. on the same day.

Last week, police announced they have an arrest warrant for Tatum in the shooting death of his wife, Andrea Tatum. Her body was found last Thursday, as Prince George's County Police searched an Oxon Hill Red Roof Inn for Relisha. 

Kahlil Tatum's SUV was found parked outside the hotel, with no sign of Relisha.

Court documents show Kahlil Tatum and his wife filed for divorce in early February.

At a press conference Monday, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier released new photos of both Relisha and Tatum, and spoke briefly about the search.

She said the Amber Alert had been issued in states from Pennsylvania to Florida, and that there is a "significant team of officers actively investigating" the case.

Kahlil Tatum's new photo clearly shows one identifying feature: a tattoo of an Egyptian cross and at least four smaller designs next to it.

Police urged anyone with information to come forward to local or D.C. law enforcement.

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