Plane Headed to Dulles Makes Emergency Landing

An American Airlines flight heading to Dulles International Airport had to make an emergency landing overnight in Little Rock, Ark., after reports of an engine fire.

The flight originated from Dallas Sunday night, but 30 minutes in made the emergency landing.

There were originally reports an engine fire forced the plane to land, but airport officials say there was no fire when they inspected the plane after it landed.

Jamie Morgan, of Richmond, Va., was on the flight, and said it wasn't a hectic scene aboard the plane when passengers realized they had to land.

"It was kind of quiet, it was more nerve-wracking more than scary," Morgan said. "You could see in the flight attendants that something was seriously wrong, so that was a little unnerving, a little freaky. But the captain was great and got the plane down real nicely, so it was good."

There were 136 passengers and five crew members aboard the plane. No one was hurt during the emergency landing.

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