‘Pimp on the Pike’ Sentenced to 10 Years in Rockville Prostitution Case

Nahshon Kornegay sentenced for prostituting women out of a Rockville hotel room

The man dubbed the "Pimp on the Pike" received a 10.5-year sentence Wednesday for a prostitution operation uncovered at a Rockville hotel last year.

Nahshon Kornegay, 32, was sentenced to 20.5 years in prison Wednesday, with 10 years suspended.

He had been convicted Jan. 10 on the following charges:

  • two counts of human trafficking
  • one count of benefiting from human trafficking
  • two counts of prostitution
  • one count of attempted distribution of a controlled dangerous substance

Prosecutors said Kornegay prostituted young homeless women, moving them around, from hotel to hotel, in affluent areas of suburban Maryland and Virginia.

He threatened the women into having sex for money, using online classifieds site Backpage.com to advertise, prosecutors said.

A victim's advocate who worked with two of the victims, ages 19 and 20, said Kornegay took away the women's identification documents, and told them that they'd be arrested if they told anyone.

He was arrested in March 2012 after a Rockville hotel guest said he was solicited.

But prosecutors said say Kornegay even continued to pimp women even after his conviction, while he was in jail to await sentencing. Kornegay continued to post on Facebook, recommending his business, Executive Entertainment.

In court, prosecutor Patrick Mays read the transcript of Kornegay's jailhouse phone call to a colleague named "Sinnimon": "How's it going with the web page? Are you all doing OK with that?"

Although Kornegay said he had no money, prosecutors showed a photo of piles of cash he allegedly posted on Facebook the day before his trial started.

Some of Kornegay's texts to the women were also introduced as evidence during his trial. One reads, "You got any dates?"

In addition to the five prostitution-related charges, Kornegay was also convicted of selling drugs.

Photos of brightly colored ecstasy pills and packets of marijuana, found in the hotel room were also introduced as evidence. Investigators believe they were available for purchase by customers.

In making his sentencing decision, the judge said he felt Kornegay showed no remorse for what he'd done.

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