Pepco to Customers: Thanks!

Maybe you were hoping for an apology after being without power for days last week.

Well, you won't be getting one, but Pepco is saying thank you.

The power company took out a full page ad in Monday's Washington Post in reference to the July 25 storms that knocked out power to more than 300,000 customers at one point.

The ad is an open letter, acknowledging the hardship of customers, and thanking local officials and power crews for their help.

"At Pepco, we know that the loss of electric service can be very difficult for our customers - especially when storms knock out power - the damage can be significant and repairs can take several days. That was the case last week, when a violent and quick storm on July 25th cut power for customers throughout this region.

"But through it all, and despite the inconvenience, Pepco customers were supportive, government officials were helpful, and emergency responders were professional and diligent. For all of this and for your understanding of the severity of the situation, we are very grateful."

The thank you may not be enought for some Pepco customers. Many complained they didn't get accurate information related to when their power would be restored. They also questioned why it took several days for many to get their power back.

Last week, the company defended its response to the storm. It said more than 1,500 power lines were repaired and blamed shortcomings in the utility's communications for customers getting inaccurate information.

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