‘Play This in the Club': Pat Collins Story Turns Into Song and Goes Viral

News4’s Pat Collins has gone viral once again. Hear the song The Gregory Brothers wrote inspired by Collins’ story on mistaken identity.

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For more than 35 years, News4 legend Pat Collins has made stories sing.

And now, Pat himself is getting the song treatment.

Pat investigated the case of a veteran targeted by a vengeful vandal in a case of mistaken identity.

Nedra Brantley’s car was heavily damaged and spray-painted with the words “Mike is a cheater.” She said she has no idea who Mike is.

Pat's assessment of the damage, complete with a thoughtful pause and advice for Mike, went viral online.

A vandal with a bone to pick spray-painted “Mike is a cheater” on an SUV parked in Northeast D.C. News4's Pat Collins reports.

“Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. See what you’ve done?” Pat asked. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you are. But you may want to start changing your ways…"

Pat paused, hands clasped and head bowed.

"...or changing your name.”

A well-known group of online comedians called The Gregory Brothers was so inspired that they made it into an autotuned song laid over a smooth piano riff.

They added the caption: "Play this in the club until Mike hears it and changes his ways.”

Police are still searching for the vandal who was allegedly wronged by Mike.

Pat Collins — he’s done it again. And again. And again.

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