‘Party Balloons’ Cause Alert at White House

Earlier in the week a Secret Service agent shot a man who approached a security checkpoint

Getty Images

The White House was placed under a brief "lockdown" Sunday after "party balloons" drifted over the grounds and landed on the North Lawn, U.S. Secret Service officials said.

The agency said the White House reacted "out of an abundance of caution," after balloons landed on the North Lawn, the press office roof and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

The Secret Service said there was no "lockdown" per se, but press crews on the grounds reported they were temporarily restricted in their movements.

The incident comes less than two days after a Secret Service agent shot an armed man who approached a White House security checkpoint, placing the executive mansion on lockdown. The man, identified as Jesse Oliveri, of Ashland, Pennsylvania, is still listed in critical condition after he would not drop his weapon and was shot by a Secret Service officer.

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