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NPS OKs Baby Trump Blimp Location on the National Mall

The inflatable balloon of President Trump will be posted on the National Mall, but has not received permission to fly

The Baby Trump Blimp just got the green light to appear less than a mile from where President Donald Trump will give his Fourth of July speech on Thursday, according to a permit from the National Park Service.

The blimp will be posted on the grounds of the Washington Monument in the Northwest Quadrant-Southwest corner from 4 a.m.-9 p.m., near the World War II Memorial, according to the permit.

The decision comes after the NPS confirmed the application request in June, while they worked with organizers to find where and when the balloon could be placed.

Organizers Tighe Barry and Madea Benjamin of anti-war activitst group Code Pink were granted the permit from NPS to "show opposition to a political event called by president on July 4th," it read. 

The event will take place from 2-6 p.m., Benjamin said, although the balloon will remain in place while Trump's "A Salute to America" Fourth of July event is underway at the Lincoln Memorial. The president's celebration is scheduled to include music, military demonstrations, flyovers and more from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Although the balloon is allowed to be inflated with cold air for the event, it is still not allowed to fly with helium without a waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration, Benjamin said. With two days left until the holiday, the group is still hopeful.

"We're getting the helium and we're ready to do it," Benjamin said.


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The National Capital Region is governed by Special Flight rules within a 30-mile radius of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, according to the FAA's website. Drones and other aircraft are not allowed to fly without special permission.  

On Tuesday, the FAA announced that it will suspend operations at Reagan National Airport during the evening for the Fourth of July flyovers.

"This problem has become about Donald Trump, so whatever Donald Trump wants, he gets," Benjamin said. "He's militaried the holiday now with the tanks and the planes, so the rules don't apply. That's why he's such a baby, because it all has to be about him."

News4 has reached out to the FAA for comment.

Between 100 and 500 attendees are expected to participate in the Baby Trump Blimp demonstration. In addition to the inflatable display, other activities include speeches, poetry readings, a male bathing suit contest and more.

"We're not sure of everything to expect, except people who oppose how Trump has polarized our national holiday will use humor to oppose Trump and his policies while also having fun on the Fourth of July," Benjamin said.

The balloon depicting Trump as an orange, screaming, diapered baby rose to popularity after being flown in protests in the U.K. 

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