2010? Yeah, It's Gonna Cost Ya

New fees take effect Jan. 1

Bad news for the new year: 2010 is going to cost you more, thanks to a cluster of new laws and fee increases starting Jan. 1. For starters, you'll pay 25 cents more to travel on the Dulles Toll Road, bringing tolls up to one dollar at the main toll plaza and 75 cents at the on and off ramps.

In the District, it's going to cost you more to shop at the grocery store if you're not environmentally friendly. Customers will be charged five cents for every nonrecyclable plastic and paper bag they use.

And if you speed through a school zone in Maryland, it's going to cost you. Prince George's County is installing speed cameras in at least 50 school zones. Drivers who go too fast will be forced to pay a $40 ticket.

And here's something you might consider spending some extra money on: electronic insurance. Starting Friday, Maryland residents will have the option to buy insurance for portable electronics such as cell phones and iPods. The coverage will take care of lost or stolen items, as long as a similar warranty does not already exist for the product.

In conclusion, um... Happy New Year?

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