Call It “Brozen”: Navy Baseball Teammates Lip-Sync “Frozen”

Video has more than 1 million views on YouTube

"I mean it's crazy..." sings the baseball player in sunglasses, to his teammate, wearing a backwards baseball cap.

"What?" Baseball Cap sings back.

"We finish each other's—"


Three U.S. Naval Academy baseball players have scored a YouTube hit with a video of them driving and lip-synching to "Love Is an Open Door," from the Disney movie "Frozen."

So far, they've gotten more than a million views for the video that they call ... wait for it ... "Brozen."

Junior Brad Borosak said he and his teammates are known for doing funny videos among themselves -- "something that lightens the mood up after a rough day at school or a rough test," he said. They wanted to create something that would bring the baseball team together with a little humor.

Borosak, an infielder from Jupiter, Fla., is the one in the baseball cap, trading lines back and forth with Matt Kilby (sunglasses).

Kilby, who is from Alexandria and pitches for the team, graduated from T.C. Williams and is now a senior. He plans to commission as a submarine officer in the Navy after graduation.

As for the uncanny timing and chemistry in the video? "Being teammates for three years will do that to you," laughed Kilby.

The video stars said they got the idea from Sam and Nia's video "Good Looking Parents Sing Disney's Frozen," which has more than 10 million views on YouTube. "We watched the movie, and Travis came up with 'bros watching 'Frozen,' and we came up with 'Brozen,'" Borosak said.

Travis Blue, a freshman and infielder from Orange, Calif., is the third guy in the video. He sits in the back for most of the clip, but has one unforgettable moment as the song ends with a proposal.  "I kinda came up with it on the fly," Blue said. "I figured I would let them have their moment, but at the end there had to be a big finish."

The three aren't sure about a repeat performance, though some of the 500-plus comments on YouTube ask them for another song.

And they are happy that the video has been well received by its intended audience: their teammates.

"I think they loved it," Kilby said. "They are definitely messing with us a little bit over the popularity that it's gotten, but it's all in good fun. And it helps put Navy baseball on the map."

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