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National Zoo's Panda Cub Exploring New Heights

Xiao Qi Ji has been exploring more of his habitat.

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Spring weather is here — and the National Zoo's panda cub, Xiao Qi Ji, is also enjoying the weather.

The cub turns 7-months-old on Sunday. For the past few weeks, he’s been exploring more of the outdoors. But unlike his parents, he needs coaxing to step into the sun, zoo keepers say.

He’s usually not far behind his mother, Mei Xiang. They explore the area together and find treats left by the keepers.

The National Zoo said the newest panda cub, Xiao Qi Ji, ran back inside when his name was called.

Xiao Qi Ji has accompanied his mom on an excursion to the moat, an area toward the front of their habitat. Since then, Xiao Qi Ji has gained more confidence. He now explores more areas of the panda den on his own.

Onlookers can see the cub by tuning in to the Giant Panda Cam each morning between 7:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

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