National Zoo's Giant Panda Cub Is a Big Bei Bei

Bei Bei is big -- really big! The 2-month-old baby panda is almost a full pound heavier than his older brother, Tai Shan, was at his age, according to the National Zoo.

When keepers weighed Bei Bei on Monday, he was 7.74 pounds, but when they weighed him again on Thursday, he'd grown to 8.3 pounds, according to the National Zoo.

The panda cub has made many attempts to crawl, but his back legs are not strong enough yet, so he moves around by scooting in circles, which keepers report is normal for a cub his age.

Bei Bei’s mother, Mei Xiang, regularly takes him out of the den and sets him down while she eats, according to the National Zoo.

The National Zoo says Mei Xiang usually goes to her outdoor exhibit twice a day for about 30 minutes, but she always moves Bei Bei back into the enclosed den beforehand.

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