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National Zoo's ‘Boo at the Zoo' and ‘Zoo Lights' Canceled Because of COVID-19 Concerns

“We didn’t feel we could do them well or safely,” said organizers at the National Zoo.

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Smithsonian’s National Zoo announced it canceled “Boo at the Zoo” and “Zoo Lights” for the second year in a row due to COVID-19 concerns.

The National Zoo said it does not believe it can pull off the annual Halloween or holiday events safely.

Because children are the primary audience for these events, the National Zoo said it does not want to put them at risk, since most are currently unable to get vaccinated.

During the past couple of weeks the National Zoo has been managing a COVID-19 outbreak among its lions and tigers.

COVID-19 safety and response protocols continue to be in place and strictly followed by the National Zoo with the goal of prioritizing visitors, staff and animals' safety, according to the zoo.

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