National Zoo Says One of Its Residents Is Pregnant

The identity of the new mom will be revealed at 2 p.m. Tuesday

The Smithsonian National Zoo says one of its residents is going to be a new mom! But we'll have to wait until Tuesday afternoon to find out which animal is expecting.

On Monday, the zoo shared a photo of a positive pregnancy test on Facebook.

Zoo officials say the identity of the new mom will be revealed at 2 p.m. Tuesday through a Facebook Live broadcast. 

Since the zoo posted the announcement, dozens of commenters have tried to guess which animal may be expecting.

"Please be a baby elephant please be a baby elephant! I know you've been updating those cameras!!!!," Claudia Chappé de Léonval wrote.

But many people are hoping for yet another panda cub.

"Awwww I hope it is a baby panda. I love them!," Kimberlea Stowers wrote.


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While baby pandas are adorable, Mei Xiang is probably not expecting another cub. 

According to the National Zoo, giant panda cubs stop nursing and start living on their own at 18 months. Mei Xiang's youngest cub, Bei Bei, isn't quite ready to live on his own. He will celebrate his first birthday in August. 

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