DDOT Offers Yearlong Visitor Parking Passes to Mt. Pleasant

Pilot program addresses visitor parking permit inconvenience

WASHINGTON -- Eligible Mount Pleasant households got a gift from the District Department of Transportation this week: visitor parking passes that are good for the next year.

The passes get rid of the inconvenience of having to get a new permit each time a resident receives a visitor with a car. Every Mount Pleasant home on a block zoned for residential permit parking should be receiving one of the passes, thus being relieved of one of the annoyances of out-of-towners, at least through March 2010.

Hopefully, the pilot program will be extended or maybe even made permanent. A similar program in Ward 4 got rave reviews from residents and was extended for another year.

Of course, there are conditions:

  • Passes are only valid on Mount Pleasant streets with the Zone 1D or 1DD designation on parking signs.
  • Passes are not to be used as substitutes for valid residential permit parking stickers on vehicles owned by a resident of the household.
  • Passes are not exemptions from the ROSA requirement to register vehicles in D.C. within 30 days of residency.

Anyone who duplicates or sells a pass is subject to a $300 fine.

Questions? Call the Public Space Policy Branch at 202-671-2333.

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