Mother Remembers Slain Teen

A grieving mother is remembering the life of her teenage daughter, who was killed in her own bed.

Amber Stanley had big goals and dreams and was on her way to reaching them. The 17-year-old C.H. Flowers High School senior was an accomplished model and honors student who wanted to go to Harvard and talked about becoming a doctor.

Those dreams were destroyed violently Wednesday night when a masked gunman kicked down the door of her Kettering home, went to Amber's bedroom and shot her.

“Why would you want to kill her, to brutally kill her that way?” her mother, Irma Gaither, said. “Why would you want to hurt her at all? For what, for what reason? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Gaither said she can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt her daughter.

“She was a nice girl,” Gaither said. “She was a nice person. She was a lovable person.”

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