More Telework in Federal Government’s Snow Plan

Photo of Marine Corps Cpl Christopher Orlando
Marine Corps

The federal government -- with its 300,000 employees in this area -- says it's ready for the winter season, and it's planning on more employees using telework when possible.

This time of year, almost everyone is thinking of snowstorms closing schools and government offices.  But the federal government and its various agencies have to plan on when, how and how long its legions of employees will be affected and there also are all sorts of guidelines and plans that are constantly updated year to year that influence thousands of private business decisions.

Federal officials say they intend to continue to modify employee release times again this year and will insist agencies follow instructions to avoid traffic jams, but they also want more employees to telework whenever possible in emergencies rather than just taking a day off so there is continuity of government operations.

About one-third of federal workers in the Washington area could telework if agencies have proper agreements in place with unions and management supervisors.

Even OPM Director John Berry stressed telework in his new agency-wide video.

So if you're a teleworker, and you have that report to finish, the government likely won't be closed for you.

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