Storm’s Quick Burst Covers Area in Snow

Winter weather advisory in effect

A fast-moving weather system covered the area with snow overnight, dropping several inches of snow in parts of the region.

A winter weather advisory remains in effect this morning for areas north and west of the District, according to NBC4 meteorologist Tom Kierein. Main roads seem to be clear throughout the area, but side roads could be slippery.  View our traffic maps here.

The snow, between 1 inch and 2.5 inches across the region, led to many school delays, of course.  Get the full list here.  Higher amounts of snow were recorded in the mountains.

NBC4 chief meteorologist Bob Ryan said the light, fluffy snow started as light snow in the Washington metro area, but increased in intensity early Friday morning.

Since the ground is so cold, any untreated surface could become slick immediately. 

All of the snow is expected to end Friday morning. After that the wind will pick up, with blustery gusts to 30 mph. Oh, and the cold air will remain. It will be near or below freezing through Monday morning.  To put things in perspective, Kierein said Washington has recorded just one day with above-average temperatures in the last 12 days. 

But there is hope. No more snow is in the forecast for the next seven days or so, and Kierein said the temperature could reach 40 degrees by Tuesday or Wednesday. So it looks like we'll have near-average temperatures for the first time in 2.5 weeks. 

Time for the shorts and sandals!

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