Missing Kayaker Found at Home, Oblivious to Search

A kayaker missing along the Potomac River was located alive and well in his home Sunday.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue said on Twitter that the person had bailed out of his boat and swam to shore Friday. The boater then went home and was oblivious to the search for him.

The search began Friday at about 2 p.m., when crews got a call for a boater in distress. Rescuers searched for the boater for almost five hours without success, but they did find a red kayak and blue paddle. Searchers returned to the water Saturday.

Searchers eventually released a photo of the kayak and paddle, in hopes that someone would recognize them. The tactic worked: others recognized the equipment and led police to its owner, who had no idea he had triggered the search.

The area had seen significant rainfall during the past few days, causing many flood-prone areas like the Great Falls to experience fast-moving water.

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