Michael Hethmon, Candidate for Md. House of Delegates, Facing Child Sex Abuse Charges

UPDATE: Charges against Michael Hethmon have been dropped after a grand jury found insufficient  evidence to indict him.

A Prince George’s County candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates is facing charges for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.

Michael Hethmon is a nationally known author and attorney most famous for his work to fight immigration into the U.S. He’s also a candidate for a Republican seat representing southern Prince George’s County in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Hethmon is now facing multiple charges of child sex abuse for an incident that allegedly happened at his Upper Marlboro home, court documents show.

A woman who was caring for Hethmon's 89 year-old father told police that Hethmon inappropriately touched her 8-year-old daughter in a barn at the home. Court documents say the mother claimed Hethmon offered to get some hay off the girl, then touched her inappropriately and tried to get the girl to touch him, as well.

Hethmon denies all the charges.

News4 is not identifying the mother, in order to protect her daughter. But News4 has learned that the mother was found guilty of faking her own abduction to get out of a court battle surrounding allegations of fraud and forgery.

That case involved another person she was caring for. Police said they are aware of that case.

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