Metropolitan Police Department Recruit Awarded Lifesaving Medal

A recruit officer proved he has what it takes to be a Metropolitan Police Officer, receiving the department’s Lifesaving Medal Monday after just four months at the Metropolitan Police Academy.

D. Sfoglia was off duty and parked in front of a convenience store in the 4900 block of Edgewood Road in College Park, Maryland, Jan. 25 about 5:10 p.m. when he saw a man collapse inside the store. Sfoglia immediately ran inside to evaluate him.

“I worked as a campus public safety officer at New York Institute of Technology along with being a firefighter at Amityville Fire Department for three years,” said Sfoglia. “During the incident I took control of the scene and my prior experience kicked in. I was calm and was only thinking about helping the [victim] the best way I could.”

The man was not breathing and appeared to be unconscious. When Sfoglia heard a loud beeping, he realized the man had a pacemaker that stopped working. He told the employees to call 911 while he reset the pacemaker, but the man remained unresponsive and without a pulse.

Sfoglia performed chest compressions, and the man regained consciousness and began to breathe after a few minutes.

“I was asking him his name, age, if he knew where he was, and of course to stay with me,” said Sfoglia.

Prince George’s Fire and Emergency Medical Services took the man to the hospital.

“His quick thinking undoubtedly saved this [mans] life,” said Sgt. Patrick Loftus, who is Sfoglia’s direct supervisor at the academy. “His actions illustrate that police officers are never truly off duty. Police officers (and recruits) have an innate desire to help others. It doesn’t matter if we are on duty or off duty, or in another state, we will step up, take action, and do what we do best – protect the public and save lives.”

“Being a police officer was something I wanted to do for a long time," Sfoglia said. "Helping people and making a difference is my passion.”

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