Your Fourth of July Guide to Metro: Hours, Station Alternatives

Metro will run until midnight on the Fourth of July to accommodate crowds heading home from the fireworks show on the National Mall, the transit agency announced Tuesday.

That's an extra half hour of service compared to Metro's recently changed weekday schedule.

All stations will be open throughout the day. But if you're planning on traveling through the Smithsonian stop, be aware that the station will become "entry only" after 9 p.m. that night to accommodate people leaving the fireworks show. 

The Smithsonian stop is the closest to the Mall, but Metro recommends choosing other nearby stations if possible to avoid getting stuck in crowds. Choosing a station that does not require you to transfer lines can help you avoid crowds without increasing the length of your walk by much.

  • If you're coming in on the Red Line: Try getting off or on at Metro Center or Gallery Place.
  • If you're riding on the Blue, Silver or Orange lines: Metro Center, Federal Triangle, Federal Center SW and Capitol South will all get you near the mall. The Smithsonian station is also serviced by these three lines, so your best bet traveling to the fireworks is to exit the Metro before the train arrives at the Smithsonian stop.
  • If you're traveling by Green or Yellow Line: try exiting at L'Enfant Plaza, National Archives or Gallery Place.

Large coolers and bicycles may be prohibited on crowded trains on the Fourth.

Off-peak fares will be in effect for the entire day, Metro said.

If you'd rather not mess around with the Mall crowds on the Fourth, there are plenty of fireworks displays going on outside the downtown area, too. Check out our firework guide for a list of more than a dozen local fireworks shows for the holiday.

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