Metro Rail Cars Separate on Silver Line

Three cars of a Metro train separated from the rest of the train Saturday morning, officials say.

The sixth car of an eight-car train on the Silver Line detached from the fifth car about 10:45 a.m. Saturday in McLean, Metro said in a statement.

A photo from a rider shows a gap of several feet between the cars. Greater Greater Washington was first to report what happened

The braking system engaged and brought the entire 6000-series train to a stop, according to Metro. About 70 people on board at the time were transferred to another train. No injuries were reported.

Metro is investigating the cause of the separation. 

All 6000-series and 5000-series Metro cars were inspected "to prevent a recurrence," Metro said.

Metro cars separated on the Green Line, near the Navy Yard station, in January 2016. A spring in the "coupler" that holds trains together was weak, Metro determined. Rail cars separated again in December 2016, on the Red Line, near the Twinbrook station.

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