Metro Close to Picking New General Manager

Metro is expected to pick its new leader in the coming days, sources told News4.

Two finalists are being considered.

"Our hope moving forward, because we understand they are at the short list now, is to get somebody in there that can restore the credibility, restore confidence in the Metro system," Greater Washington Board of Trade CEO Jim Dinegar said.

A former candidate no longer in the running is Emilio Gonzalez, the head of Miami International Airport -- not a traditional type of transit candidate.

The fact the Metro Board has been looking outside the transit industry shows it is looking for a change agent, something for which a lot of local leaders have been calling.

Gonzalez said he relished the opportunity to turn Metro around because that's what he does, but he will not be the pick.

The front-runner also is not a true transit professional but has transportation experience, sources said.

With rider frustration at an all-time high, the feeling is now is the time for the Metro Board to make its pick and get is finances, safety and reliability back on track.

"It may not just be a transit expert, it may need to be a general manager who can oversee all of those implementation plans," Dinegar said.

It's time to put the polish back on Metro, Dinegar said.

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