Memorial Circle Changes in the Works

National Park Service hopes to make confusing traffic circle safer

If you take the Memorial Bridge to work, your daily commute is about to change, and the National Park Service hopes that change is for the better. It’s begun tweaking dozens of signs and adding roadway markings around Memorial Circle in order to make it less confusing and a lot safer.

The Park Service also plans on moving a crosswalk further from the circle to keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe. Park Police say these changes are a result of several accidents – and near-misses – in the circle, which many drivers call one of the most dangerous traffic circles in our area.

“Our officers have handled many, many crashes related to this area,” Park Police Captain Scott Fear said. “We continue to look for ways to improve the safety of the park’s visitors and travelers.”

Other safety improvements will include rumble strips, which will alert drivers to crosswalks. The Park Service plans to have the improvements completed by the end of the summer.

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