Meet the Maryland Twins Named Co-Valedictorians of Bowie High School

They both share the same birthday, play tennis and have the same GPA. Now they're both valedictorians

They both share the same birthday, play tennis and have the same GPA.

And now, sisters Alexis and Mikaila Esuke have something else to share: a joint speech when they graduate as co-valedictorians of Bowie High School on Tuesday.

“It’s just a coincidence really, crazy coincidence,” Alexis Esuke told News4.

Her sister agreed: “We just took the same classes and got good grades.”

The Esuke sisters are taking twinning to the next level: from prom to tennis doubles to the University of Maryland, College Park, where they will be studying mechanical and chemical engineering respectively.

The sisters said they had no idea they would tie for the top spot in the class.

“We’re like, as far as we’re top five percent, we’ll get a nice pin at graduation and that’s great,” Mikaila said.

Then they were told their GPAs tied for first place.

“I remember saying, ‘for realzies?’” Alexis said.

But Bowie High’s assistant principal said their grades alone cannot define them.

“We could talk about their amazing GPA, but these are girls that each had over 600 service learning hours each. The state of Maryland requires only 24 service hours. They had over 600 each,” Joe Kautzer, assistant principal, said.

The twins graduate on Tuesday and will be off to UMD after the summer, but their father says they have pledged to return to Bowie to tutor and help students.

“I feel like I’ve always had a partner for things in life so I think this is just carrying on almost everything,” Mikaila said.

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