Maryland Residents Frustrated With Unemployment Website

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Maryland’s unemployment portal frustrated residents trying to file their weekly claims over the weekend.

Many flooded social media saying Maryland’s portal — BEACON — wouldn’t let them file.

Angelina Mitchell of St. Mary’s County said unemployment is the only income she has for herself and her daughter.

When she couldn’t file over the weekend, she worried her unemployment ran out early.

“I just was worried,” she said. “I’m like, oh my God, you know? The bills are due.”

“It’s like Maryland just doesn’t care,” Mt. Rainier resident Danielle Carter said.

“There’s no safety net for us right now, those of us who are at the tail end of this,” she added.


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The Maryland Department of Labor tweeted Sunday, “Please note that the federal unemployment insurance programs have not ended and there are no issues with the BEACON system. Many claimants are exhausting their benefits and need to reapply per program requirements.”

Carter and Mitchell both say their benefits haven’t run out yet.

News4 found problems with the portal Monday. A message popped up, saying, “Something went wrong.” When calling for help, a message said, “We are sorry, we are unable to handle your call at this time.”

Mitchell was able to file after calling the hotline and selecting the option about receiving a letter about fraud. She left her phone number and received a call from an agent within minutes.

“I’m thankful that I figured it out and got everything worked out. Hopefully, I hope that everybody else is able to, too,” she said.

The Maryland Department of Labor sent News4 a statement insisting there are no issues with the BEACON system and that people who can’t file claims may need to reapply for benefits. The Labor Department also said many people have already filed weekly claims. Those who have not have until this Saturday to do so.

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