Maryland High School Principal Accused of Bullying Staff

Prince George's County leaders are calling for a high school principal to be fired over accusations of bullying and mistreatment of her staff.

Dr. Angelique Simpson-Marcus became Largo High School’s principal in 2007. Three years later a group of employees filed complaints of harassment and bullying against her.

“A counselor at Largo High School came to our office complaining about harassment, hostile work environment,” said Bob Ross of Prince George’s County NAACP.

The NAACP received several complaints. Then a white male teacher filed a case alleging reverse discrimination and won in federal court in August.

“When the case came out in August, we were not surprised that someone would win,” Ross said.

The teacher received $350,000 in a settlement and another $200,000 in back pay.

This week there was another settlement involving a school secretary. That outcome is sealed.

County Council member Mary Lehman called for Simpson-Marcus’ removal in a letter sent to schools CEO Kevin Maxwell.

“It is a strong case and surely there is a mechanism at the very, very least to place her on some kind of administrative leave to get her out of that building and out of that position of leadership and authority at Largo High Schoo,” said. “It’s completely inappropriate.”

The NAACP agrees and is also calling for Simpson-Marcus to step down.

“The principal at Largo needs to be removed for the good of all citizens in the county,” Ross said.

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