Maryland Family Tries to Reunite 20-Piece Silver Service Set With Owners

For a Maryland family, one man’s trash really is another’s treasure.

Jane Bunker found a 20-piece silver service set in a bag outside a dumpster that was soon going to be sent to the trash.

Bunker’s husband, Robert, was polishing the tarnished silver when he made a discovery — a Social Security number on the bottom of one of the pieces. He used the number to track down the former owner and discovered it belonged to a World War II veteran born in Virginia in 1926.

The family is determined to find the owners of the collection and turned to the Internet for help.

Jane Bunker created a Facebook post to track down the owner of the silver. She and her husband hope the power of social media will reunite the antique set with the family of its original owner.

Go to NBC Washington’s Facebook page to share the post and help this family reunite a piece of history with its owners.

“Part of his legacy is going to be going back to his family,” Robert Bunker said.

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