Marion Christopher Barry Pleads Guilty in Bank Assault

Marion Christopher Barry, the son of the late Marion Barry, has pleaded guilty to three charges stemming from a violent outburst in a downtown D.C. bank in January.

Barry was sentenced to 12 months supervised probation Wednesday, including anger management classes.

Barry is already on probation for a previous DUI and drug possession case, so he made a second court appearance Wednesday afternoon on contempt of court charges. In that hearing, the judge allowed him to remain out of jail for 30 days, pending his compliance with alcohol monitoring and counselling.

After 30 days, Barry will have to prove that he is complying with orders; the judge threatened jail time if he is not.

Prosecutors had charged Barry with simple assault, attempted threats to do bodily harm and destruction of property in the bank incident. According to police records, Barry became upset with a teller after he was declined for a cash withdrawal. Barry allegedly threw a trash can at the teller and began threatening her.

He apologized to the bank teller Wednesday, but Barry also said the dispute had been an ongoing one. 

"It was inexcusable, but it was not unprovoked," Barry's lawyer, Makan Shirafkan, said after the hearing.


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"Most importantly, to the teller involved, I want to apologize," Barry said. "I never meant for her to feel in any type of danger. Even though I felt as though I was wronged, I ultimately pled guilty because I did react the wrong way."

Barry and his lawyer both referenced the November death of his father, former D.C. Mayor and sitting Councilman Marion Barry. Barry lost a bid to replace his late father on D.C. Council last month.

"It was a sensitive time," Barry said. "A tight situation. There was a lot going on, personally, professionally, business-wise, politically ... there were a lot of issues involved. I don't have an anger problem; I just got angry."

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