MAP: 12 People Killed in Prince George's County in 11 Days

July has been a violent month in Prince George's County, Maryland, with 12 men killed in the first 11 days of the month.

The homicides occurred across the large county. In one case, a 55-year-old father of four was shot on the Capitol Beltway as he headed home. In another case, two men in their 20s were shot in Suitland. One victim ran into a Popeyes restaurant for help.

People who live near the shooting scenes said they're afraid. Many people refused to speak on camera, for fear of retaliation. 

The Prince George's County Police Department announced Tuesday that officers' shifts will be extended to 12 hours.

"It's a measured and temporary response to something we're seeing," Police Chief Hank Stawinski said. "I'm confident that the men and women of this department will bring stability and then we'll move back to normal operations quickly."

Some neighbors worry that the shift extensions for officers won't work.

"I think 12 hours is too much," said a woman who has lived for 30 years in District Heights, near one shooting scene.

The police chief said he believes the shift extensions will work and end quickly.

"They're among the best at what they do," he said about the department's officers.

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