Manassas Blocks Charity Wet T-Shirt Contest

A controversial adult boutique stirred up more controversy in Manassas, Va., with plans to hold a fundraising wet T-shirt contest.

In the fall, the mere existence of KK’s Temptations upset some in Manassas. Now, Kim and Kristina Skokan, the mother-daughter owners of the store, planned a wet T-shirt contest for June 30 at the Philadelphia Tavern, reported.

But the city has blocked the event, which the Skokans said was to benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The city cited an ordinance that addresses nudity, but the Skokans said contestants were going to wear things under their shirts and no nudity would be involved.

And just in case someone wasn’t properly dressed under the T-shirt, the Skokans had a plan for that as well.

“If you didn’t have enough cover-up underneath, we were going to supply pasties and make sure that nothing was seen through the shirts,” Kim Skokan said.

The Skokans have instead scheduled a bikini contest outside Manassas city limits.

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