Man Killed at Maryland Apartment Building Tried to Get Protective Order Against Neighbor

A young man with a promising future was gunned down in his Maryland apartment complex. Those close to the victim say there were potentially missed warning signs involving the suspected killer.

Tyrique Hudson, 22, grew up in North Carolina and was hired to work as an engineer at a company in Maryland after graduating from college early, a family friend told News4 by phone.

"Tyrique was the most amazing young man that I have ever met," family friend Candice Winstead-Holden said.

Hudson lived in an apartment in Glen Burnie and was leaving for work Monday morning when police say his neighbor, 53-year-old James Verombeck, shot and killed Hudson near the stairwell.

One resident said her husband heard the shooting and saw the aftermath.

"He said that they heard gun shots and, you know, he came out just to see what was happening and someone was already on the ground," she said. She did not want to be identified.

Verombeck barricaded himself inside his apartment for 10 hours before SWAT officers made the decision to move in and arrest him.

Court documents show Hudson had reported previous incidents involving Verombeck.

In February, Hudson tried to get a protective order on Verombeck after telling a judge Verombeck used his hands to threaten his life.

"He did this gesture under his neck like, you know, how somebody would slit somebody’s neck? And he did that," Winstead-Holden said.

But the judge denied the request saying there wasn’t enough proof... Now family members and friends are devastated and left with so many unanswered questions. "We just couldn’t wrap our minds around why? Why? Why?"

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