Man in Custody After Shots Fired Near Ethiopian Embassy

A man brandishing and firing a gun was detained and questioned by Secret Service agents Monday morning within the compound of the Ethiopian Embassy in northwest Washington, D.C.

In video provided to News4 by ESAT TV, the man can be seen holding the gun in the air, as people around him on a plaza inside the Embassy gates attempt to talk him down.

At one point, the man lowers the gun and a shot is heard. However, police said no one was hurt in the incident.

The report of shots fired came in at 12:15 p.m. Uniformed officers from the Secret Service responded and detained a person they said was "believed to be the shooter." The individual works at the embassy.

News4's Darcy Spencer spoke with a man who was among the dozen or so protesters outside the embassy at the time, who said he was scared for his life, but isn't deterred from protesting again.

"It never stops because when our relatives and families are killed, how could you sleep?" Shimeles Bekele said.

It is unknown if the gunman will face any charges or if he'll face any sort of diplomatic immunity as an employee of the embassy.

D.C.'s Metropolitan Police and the State Department also responded to the scene.

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