Man Catches Sharks in Potomac – Again

It sounds more like science fiction than fact, but a local man caught two bull sharks in the lower Potomac River this week -- and it's not the first time he's done it.

Willy Dean was on a routine trip to check a pound net at Point Lookout State Park Tuesday morning when he found two sharks inside the net enclosure, the SoMd News reported.

According to SoMd News, the first shark was already dead when it was pulled onto the boat; the second was pulled from the water and dispatched onboard a few hours later.

Both sharks were male, longer than 8 feet and about 220 pounds.

Bull sharks are aggressive but don't usually go after humans, experts say.

Dean's first encounter with a shark in the Potomac was three years ago, when he pulled a bull shark from the very same waters.


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