Man Arrested With Guns at Trump Hotel Rearrested After Facebook Posts Show Him in DC

The Pennsylvania doctor who was charged with local and federal crimes for bringing guns and ammunition to Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington has been rearrested.

Bryan Moles was ordered to stay out of D.C. and to avoid drugs, but postings on his Facebook page Thursday show him in Washington -- including at an Exxon station on Benning Road -- and appearing to smoke pot. Federal prosecutors filed motions on Thursday to revoke his release.

Other posts include what the filings call "disturbing images" of recent newspaper headlines about Wednesday's shooting at a Congressional baseball practice.

"The newspapers were placed in the photographs next to a non-descript black bag with unknown contents," the filing reads.

The postings, which were filed with the court, show a reservation at the Washington Hilton, pictures of the Exxon in D.C., references to pot and a picture of Moles smoking something. The filing says Moles was "engaging in social activities involving the use of narcotics."

Another photograph urges his Facebook friends to watch Fox News this afternoon for exciting updates, "apparently referring to the possibility that the defendant will be incarcerated," according to the filing.

Another photograph references the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy;" in that music video, someone kills himself with a gun.

Moles was released shortly after his arrest, on the condition that he get a mental health evaluation while living with a friend in Georgia. However, the filing says the friend rescinded that offer, because he felt he couldn't be responsible for Moles "in light of the defendant’s mental state and drug use."

The filing says Moles' friends and family believe he needs to be arrested, to get mental health services that are ordered by a court.

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