Mailbox Mystery: Magazines From 1960s Delivered to Maryland Home

Did USPS send the magazines nearly 50 years late, or did someone mail a man archival copies?

In the 1960s, Bethesda, Maryland, resident Greg Miele's late father subscribed to "Sport" magazine.

Nearly 50 years later, a stack of issues from 1969 and 1970 arrived at Miele's home this week. One copy shows Ted Williams when he was manager of the Washington Senators. Another shows Sonny Jurgensen of the Washington Redskins.

The first of the plastic-wrapped magazines in mint condition appeared at Miele's home on Saturday. Then, another seven of the magazines were dropped off.

Miele lives on Algonquin Avenue now. Years ago, he lived around the corner on Sebago Road. The first issue of "Sport" that Miele got was addressed to the Sebago Road house. But the mail carrier recognized the Miele name and delivered it to his current home.

"I told her that was my childhood address, and she gave me the magazine and walked away," Miele said.

Then, another seven "Sport" magazines arrived.

Did USPS send the magazines nearly 50 years late, or did someone mail Miele archival copies for some reason?

Here's one clue: The ZIP code on the first magazine to arrive was 20034, the former ZIP code for the area. It's now 20817 and was changed some time ago.

Here's another clue: The first magazine to arrive had a bar code.

Miele said he thinks the magazines were delivered 49 years late.

"It has to have been with the postal service all this time, and the post office in Bethesda has moved several times, so, who knows?" he said.

USPS said old mail and magazines sometimes make it back into the mail stream. A representative said the agency makes every attempt to deliver what they are given.

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