Loudoun County

Loudoun County man accused of killing wife with a hammer to plead guilty

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The Loudoun County, Virginia, man accused of killing his estranged wife with a hammer is set to plead guilty Thursday.

Peter Lollobrigido faced charges of first-degree murder and violating a protective order. There's no word yet on the terms of the plea agreement. 

Regina Redman Lollobrigido was attacked with a hammer in her Loudoun County apartment in September 2021 and later died from her injuries.

Peter Lollobrigido had a protective order and was wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet when he allegedly entered the victim’s apartment. Police say he confessed to beating his estranged wife with a hammer.

In November, defense attorneys for her estranged husband and accused killer disclosed an ethical conflict of interest -- delaying the trial. The defense representing Lollobrigido said another attorney in its office was representing someone who was to be called as a key prosecution witness, meaning those attorneys essentially had inside information they can use to cross-examine Lollobrigido.

The trial for a high-profile murder case already faced questions about jury impartiality thanks to the content of local political ads.

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